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Lucy has experience working on high end residential and commercial projects throughout the Middle East, London, Sydney and South East Asia.

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About Style Sydney Interiors

As a designer, Lucy has developed a refined taste through embracing a range of projects with unique stylistic briefs.

Style Sydney Interiors is an emerging interiors firm with a combined 18 years of experience in design and construction lending its services to both commercial and residential projects. Lucy, Style Sydney’s Interior designer, has a strong focus on customer service and intimate knowledge of our design services and a range of interior styles.

Starting her design studies from a young age, Lucy completed certificates at the White House Institute Of Design In Style Visualisation. She then went on to complete a bachelor in interior and spatial design from the University of Technology Sydney. Lucy is passionate about combining textures and materials reflected through the finishes, joinery, art and furniture. Together her designs create smooth and interesting palettes throughout the space, weather bold or subtle.

Lucy is inspired by modern and contemporary art, with an interest in how art discusses colour, texture and tone. She draws inspiration from the textures of paintings but also natural surrounding elements that are refined and raw.

Lucy is excited by exploring the limits of colour, whether through controlled accents throughout the space, or an exaggerated tonal masterpiece layered by finishes, furniture and fixtures.

Lucy is a warm character who will go over and above for her clients and work closely with them. Lucy is able to work constructively with clients to develop a clear idea of the client’s aesthetic preferences, providing extensive insight into a range of beautiful contemporary and classic styles.

Lucy has been able to build and sustain relationships with specific suppliers and construction companies and prides herself on this. These positive ongoing relationships have been formed because of her consistent presence on site and hands on approach which means Lucy is always engaging with others involved in the project.